April must have


Make Up and diamonds are definitely  woman’s best friends,so let’s talk about it . Here some of my favorite make up of the month :

                                                                                                                   1 Macaras


Here my first favorite  is  a Dior one  called  Diorshow ,  I love how it lengthens the lashes without any sensation of too much product even if I put a lot of it so this is definitely a great mascara .


My other favorite one is From  Rimmel  and its called Scandaleyes , The brushe is  really big like you guys can see so it give really long lashes  but  stay really comfy at the same time.

All of my make choices are really about make me cute  and natural  but the  most important thing is that they must be comfortable .

 2 Foundation and BB cream 


My BB cream is the Maybelline  Dream Fresh BB this one is actually cheap   and is a good  moisturizer  but doesn’t give a lot of  coverage  so i have to switch my BB cram with a foundation .


Here are my make up bag from victoria secret and my foundation of the moment which is from kiko , I love this brand because the make up is really cheap but good too (6 Euros for the foundation) So this foundation is fine I am not saying thats it’s the best one I ever used but because of the price we can say that’s is a good one.

                                                                                                                           3 Blushe


I use this kinda mat one which is also from Kiko 9 (I love kiko If you guys doesn’t already know it haha )

I really like the color and it  let my face really natural and cute

So that’s all for mt april favorite let me know about yours

XxLovexX ❤


5 responses to “April must have

  1. Hi , thank you for comments:) I also have Diorshow Black out. ANd I don’t like it really, its not waterproof but at the same time its really hard to rinse I always have black shadows after washing:)

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