Revlon Haul

Hola My Loves, so first I want to say that’s this video isn’t sponsored but i went to a Vente private of Revlon Product Last Week and then i bought many new beauty stuffs


So here are all my products without a foundation so i Bought a Bronzer, A corrector, a blush , A pouder and a eye pencil and all of those stuff were in SALE yes guys in SALE ,so this literally made my all life (joking marry Ryan gosling will do it)



This blushe colors is just goregeous is really fresh ans is absolutly perfect for Spring and summer,with the blush there is also a little brushe whiche is pretty great .



This foundation contains a serum which help to repair the skin,I like it because it match perfectly with my skin tint but I do not like the odor of this



Yep summer is coming and I don’t want to look like an old taco in the beach so i bought a bronzer for light up my face and give this Wooow Look to my face . I also use it as a blushe it work great too .



This corrector is great for being putting under the eyes and it give a great night sleep effect even if I didn,t sleept haha.

5 -Eye pencil


This is a Khol / eye pencil ordinary but this one has got a little sponge for fade the under line or the top line

so this what i bought πŸ™‚


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