What’s in my beach bag


Hello to all of my lovely followers 🙂 It’s summer And It’s the hollidays. Beach and pool everyday haha
So I decided to show you my beach bag essential.

So First of all I always take books and magazines with me at the beach, they are my best taning friends, I also take with me my lipbaume ( la Roche posay),My wallet (Urban outfitter) ,A cereal bar,My dry shampoo I never forget my dry shampoo it really help to take off all of the sand and sale that’s you have in your hair and I obviously take a hair brush too.
I take sunscream every times It’s the most importante thing to have at the beach or at Any sunny place ( from garnier ambre solaire ) .
Even if I am ain’t so white I always take with me some monoï ( from Nivea ) for have a perfect tan.
I love having with me my water spray from Aven it really help refresh the body and I of course have my phone .
That’s it for my carry on beach essential .
Xoxo Jayly



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