Marina HAUL

Hello 🙂 I recently went At marina Wiche Is a kind of private city here in Egypt and I had so much fun !
I obviously did some Shopping , you guys know me I also do shopping everywhere I go I Absolutly have to buy stuff, it’s insane but I can’t not do it
Here the stuff that’s I bought

I finally found one of these Victoria secret body spray , I really search it very hard because of all the good review that’s I heard on youtube and in other blog and I found it so I was just like freaking out in the store , I was almost dancing you know, people’s was looking at me and thinking “Wow better stay away from this weirdo ”
But anyways this body spray make me Hola, it just smell make you smell like a strawberry candy and god Knows how much we love candies !

I love how adorable is this bracelet I never saw one like that’s (the color ) it’s kind have a grunge style but it’s stay very cool and style , so yeah this one is really in the rock trend of the moments

This Super cute hair accessory Is from a local store of marina but you also can found it at accessorize or Claire’s so I love how easy this thing can just dress up your hairstyle and give you a casual look, this is magical .

Here come my baby, this shirt is so awesome it says create your own style and I just fall in love with .
So that’s it for my marina Haul I hope you guys enjoy it !
Xoxo Jayly ♡



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