Big crush

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I was on twitter, he was too, I click on his link, and Bow chika pow pow I just fall completely in love .
I am sure you want to know
the name of this mystery Boy, but sorry I am not gone to tell you a boy name but a brand name, Some people must think that’s I am a desperate girl to fall In love with a store but fashionistas knows what I am talking about.


Turquoise triangle gemstone ring 8£

Seriously how to resist, look at this goregeous color, I feel Like this ring is my Baby and she want to come at her moma fingers .



How cute are these necklace, They just can spice up any basics of your closet and transforme them to an awesome outfit .



For those bracelet I would stop eating Oreo (Oreos are my life )…………..For few days 😏 that’s prove my love for fashion and super cute accessories
So I think you understand how much this accesorie store is amazing and they also have jewels for every religions not a lot of stores do it so Bravo for that’s , you can found cross jewels but also hasma/Fatima hand …
You guys should definitely go check their website
Xoxo Jayly


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