Liebster award :)

Hello loves 🙂 today post is a little bit different but it gonna be a fun kind of post.
Recently I’ve nominated by allthatalk (@michaelant95 on twitter ) for the liebster award !
This is an award for blogger who have less than 200 followers . I think it’s an amazing concepts because It will let you know more about me. 😊


here the rules

-Share 11 random facts about yourself
-Answer the 11 questions given to you by
the person who nominated you for this
-Nominate blogs with less than 200
-Create 11 new questions
-No tag backs

11 randome facts about me

1-I am a really weird person,If you don’t know me you will get afraid and look at me like “Wow look at this weirdo” but that’s ok.

2- I just hate touch paper, I don’t know why I hate that’s but I just hate it 🙂

3-drinking green tea make me feel like being a heathy person so I drink a lot of green tea and eat a lot of junk food but no worries I drink green tea I’ll stay heathy

4- I love walking when I listen to music even if I just turn around in the room that’s ok.

5-I love cakes but I can’t do one right and good cake by myself

6-I didn’t see my bestfriend for like 7 years but we’re still in contact via twitter and more

7- I always say what I think.

8-summer/Autum/spring/winter is my favorite season 🙂 haha

9-I love going to school only for have fun with my friends

10-Since I was a little girl I want to be Cary Bradshaw .

11-I think every girls are princesses

Question ask by allthatalk
1. What inspires you to blog?

Everything inspire me to blog, I mean life is full of amazing things, styles and Persons and Those stuff really inspire me and much more than fashion weeks or super selective event.

2. How long have you been blogging for?

I made this blog last year but I really start blogging this summer so I really being blogging since July.

3. What opportunities have you received through blogging?

I had the opportunity to make amazing people and to learn a lot about fashion and beauty and that’s why I actually start blogging so That’ just awsome

4. Savoury or Sweet tooth?

I am a sweet lover so obviously Sweet tooth 🍰

5. Where would you like to see your blog go in the future

I would like to see my blog in magazines or maybe have my own Tv show for talking about fashion and beauty.

6. A fellow blogger that inspires you?

Betty of the blog de Betty, zoella and the girl of the blond salad are my inspiration 🙂

7. Most talked about topic on your blog?

One my blog I talk a lot about beauty (products,makeup reviews …)

8. Your top 5 celebrities who you love?

I love beyonce, Katy perry , Jessica alba , Olivia Palermo and Tom cruise

9. Favourite TV show?

Pretty little liars 🙂

10. What type blogs do you love to read?

I don’t really know I love to read blogs about everything like food, fashion, beauty …

11. Favourite 3 music artists?

Beyonce, justin timberlake and rihanna

Here the questions to the people I nominate via twitter 🙂

1-How did you became blogging?
2-What are your passions ?
3-What is your everyday style ?
4-Favorite song ?
5-any TV show character would you like to be ?
6-what is your dream life ?
7-Favorite blog ?
8-Do you like reading and if yes which book is your favorite ?
9-Heathly or junky ?
10-perfect first date ?
11-Do you want to make of blogging your work ?
Thanks you so much for reading.


8 responses to “Liebster award :)

  1. loved reading your answers, great theory on eating junk food too I’m sure all that green tea cancels it out somewhere along the line haha! xx

  2. Loved your post! What wordpress eme did you use or did you create it yourself? I love it!!:)


  3. Congratulations! 👏
    “I’m a really weird person…..but that’s ok” great fact and attitude!
    I also eat the junk food then wash it down with green tea, hahaa!

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