Get ready for an event ! Day -3


Hello 🙂 Loves !
I am going to a wedding Saturday and I wanted to share with you how I get ready to the big day trough the week, and then we start at day -3 I usually start at day -7( one week before ) but with school I didn’t had the time to do anything ! -What a bad girl-So this post will be about how to get ready to an event but in the faster way .

1-Prepared your skin y
You need to prepare your skin before the event day if you want to have a glowly and good looking skin because if you want to play the challenger and do everything the event day you will have horrible redness all over your face and then you will have to put one hundred couch of make up to hide them and you won’t be looking good ! WE DON’T WANT THATS , we’re beauty queen let’s show it.
So today I prepared my skin by scrubing my face ( Not sure this word exist but anyway I think you understand ) with one of my favorite scrub ever

From Aven this scrub is a very gently one and it really clean up all your skin and it tightens your face pores.
By the way after doing a scrub you should wait at last 4 hours before exposing your skin to the sun, or the sun will aggress your skin so just sit and read a good magazine or Whatch your favorite movie, it the better thing to do .
I also scrub my lips with my sweet tooth scrub

This is the one called “Fée des reves ” and this one is from lush. It really look like some pink sugar crystals and taste like bubble gum.
This holy grail lips scrub let my lips really soft and kissable .

Found inspiration
What I also did today was searching on magazine and troughs the internet to found make up inspirations and outfit ideas I also watch a lot of YouTube tutorial, I will probably go for a Blue smokey and nude lips to match with my dress



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    • Oui les produit de beauté français surtout ceux pour la peaux sont parfait 🙂 I can give you Some Amazing french product name to try !

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