Beauty morning routine

I have been searching for a really long time to found the perfect morning routine, and I fall in love with the visibly clear pink grapefruit collection, I used it all the summer and my skin is really thankful
This skincare routine is ideal for oily skin so let’s start with my face cleaners reviews.
I first start with the regular cleaner and then switch to the exfoliant one

This cleaner is a gel and it’s smell very good, a kind of grapefruit/fresh smell and it’s really refreshing. Using this In the morning really wake me up and make me feel happy.

Let’s talk know about is big (or small) brother, it smell like the other one but this is an daily exfoliant, this exfoliant won’t ruin your skin if you use it every day because the exfoliant little “ball’s ” that’s are in its really gentle with the skin and clean it very well

This is my must have moisturiser at the moment because it’s oily free and don’t let my skin too oily (this is the principe of oily free thing but…) I love the smell of it and it’s also super fresh by the way I will have to go for an other moisturiser because in the winter my skin is dryer, so let me know what’s are your favourite moisturiser and also your daily skin care routine .


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