September favorite



September been a long month for me, I came back from holidays, I went back to school and summer is gone say hello to fall ladies . but trough the months I also have discovered a lot of new products which are really great and they light up my September who wasn’t  that’s great.



During the last month I discovered a really nice brand, called peppy galore, This brand sell amazing all natural cosmetic, in every  of their products ,you  know all the ingredient,they are not weird chemicals products in. It kind of detoxed me from my usual cosmetics which are very artificial. I had the chance to  have tried their Vanilla ice Body mousse* and their star moisturizer*


I used this moisturizer called Star *  during the week, morning and night and it’s really smooth,It really wake up my skin  and Even if I have a oily skin , my face drunk it really good and it doesn’t made me shine more than usual,  By the way I don’t like the smell of this product,It  doesn’t smell bad but it smell a little bit special , I mean it smell very natural like those relaxing oil that’s we can smell in Spa’s  . I recommend you this product if you don’t like a chemical stuff and still want a nice and glowly  skin.


Let’s talk about the  Body mousse I really been liking this product especially at this time of the year where it’s become colder, This really moisturize the skin , I really like the smell of that’s it’s smell a kind like vanilla not really ice cream but vanilla and that’s super good. The texture is nice too, It really smooth and leave you a soft and hydrated skin.



This exfoliant gePl is amazing ,  You use it on your dry face and with dry finger it really clean the face and make it clearer and I love it. This product won an award and If you try it you will understand why .


This BB cream is nice, it give a lot of coverage but it’s  lighter than a foundation , That’s amazing for school time and a casual / Regular day, The odor of this products is just Sublime it smell like heaven I really love the odor of that, It also very moisturizing.


BB cream Blended on my hand 



I just can’t remember how much youtuber/ Blogger I heard talking about the babylips by gemey maybelline and then they finally come in france , I run for buy one I choose the  one called peach kiss . This is a kind of color developer , You rlips still look natural but different. It  moisturize the lips and it have a lovely peach taste on you put it on. I will obviously buy some more Babylips I am really creazy about it know

(*Pr sample )


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