Got those kitten hands with Yes Nurse

Yes Nurse hand cream
Antonia, a nurse who was tired to see her hands bad looking because of her work had one day the genius idea to creat a very nutritious hand cream to protect and make her hands and all of the nurses hands look perfect , after 4 years of hard work Protect your lovely hand finally * born for our biggest pleasure.

Before starting doing the traditional review where I give my opinion about the products I first want to say how much the packaging is goregeous, when I receive it I was agreeably surprised and I just can’t wait to open it, On the top you have a super cute illustration which give you some nurse secrets very interesting and what made me really like this packaging is the fact that’s once you have take out the products from the packaging you can use it as a piggy bank. That’s super ecologic and fun.

This hand cream is very smooth and perfectly moisturise the hands, it really have a tiny and delicate smell . I’ve been using it trough the week and Even if it get cold outside my hands doesn’t get dry or damaged like they usually do, what really surprise me is the fact that’s this hand cream is super light counter to usual really nutritious hand creams which have a kind of oily texture and doesn’t get drink by the skin . This one is just amazing and contain only natural organic products.
It one of my new must have products and I always keep it just next to my phone for being sure to always found it .

Here their website


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