My forever 21 Event experience

I have been waiting so long for forever 21 to open in Paris and this miracle happen, it’ actually open the 12 October but I was having school and so I decided with some friends to go to the big opening event which was last Saturday , the first 300 customer were supposed to have free gift cards but it was too amazing for be real and the dream turned into a nightmare .

I woke up at 5:OO am to go to the event, and then When I finally arrive it was 6:50 pm and there was actually a lot of people, Well let me explain why a French singer was supposed to be here and there was also free gift cards, so yeah they was a lot of people, that ‘s was crazy, people was getting sick other was falling to the floor and been crushed by people while waiting for the store to open .We’ve all been pushed that’s was clearly horrible and it was like that’s for 3 hours , there was not real organization from forever 21 , they have did to much publicity and finally noting happened, they did not opened the store for ” Security reason ” well there was not any security for the customers also and the fan of the brand( Like me ) who’s been waiting for ages for it to open been fired by the police . What a lovely way forever 21 deals with there French fan


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