Zenmed acne products review

During the last weeks I had the chance too try some new acne products from a brand called Zenmed which I am really happy to have discovered

The acne treatment have 4 step and the first one is their gel face cleaner, This cleaner is very gentle with the skin it’s also very soft and obviously cleaning. This is perfect for trouble skin and acne one.It doesn’t aggress the skin at all and completely respect it.

Step 2 : THE GEL I think it’s for calming the acne redness and drying those bad pimples.It oily free I think because my skin which it the oiliest drink it and ask for more but I won’t lie when you put it on your face it kind of burn but not that’s much don’t worry .

Step 3 : The moisturizer. After have done the precedent step just use it as a regular moisturiser, its oily free and really hydrating and calming the skin without letting any sensation of butter on the skin .

Step 4 : the mask , I use it 3 to 4 time a week . At first when you first put it on your face it really burn but this bad sensation disparate really fast, it dry the pimples of the skin and let the skin clear and clean .The texture of that’s it’s really smooth and it agreeable to use

I have seen and still see real amelioration of my acne. my skin look better and let me this touch of glow.

Stretta is a stretch Mark cream, I love the texture it’s very smooth and gentle I have been using it for 2 weeks and I didn’t seem big change but I feel like my skin is firmer and I am sure it will get better soon


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