Steal style : Vanessa Hudgens on a chill day

Hello loves, I am back today for a steal style and I am gonna show you how to dress like Vanessa hudgens on a chill/Lazy day . First Let’s talk about Vanessa styles which I am crazy about this girl can just literally wear a hipster look  on monday and then dress like a Rnb Star on a tuesday and moreover she does it PERFECTLY,Can us just  take a moment to be jealous about how much this girl is Pretty and fashionable ? Well it’s the end of the Revelation moment  and now we are going to teach how to  wear this lovely casual style that’s she’s rocking on the picture on the bottom but Of course in Cheaper. 
So I have a little bit revisited her style for make  it more hot for fall because here in france it’s actually freezing so a nice hot sweatshirt make it Better.
Sweatshirt  from Etsy For €23.50 / Beanie From Obey for $26.00 / Bag from Forever 21 for $27.80 / Sneakers from Nike for 55,99 € / Leather Jogging from River Island for £15.00 Vanessa Hudgens steal style


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