Christmas times flawless times

Hello loves, So first of all I want to apolgize for not being a  good blogger  I did not blog for two weeks , I know  is terrible but It’s christmas time  the time of forgiveness right ? Well let’s talk about christmas know it’s one of my favorite time of the year isn’t the same for you also   ? I am wondering you guys do too  that’s why I choose to talk about it today  and give you all of my holiday tips for having the most beautiful holidays.

Hot Chocolate DIY 

Here my hot choclotate favorite recipe so first  you need milk , black choclate , whipe cream , and mini marshmallows  and obviously a cute cup so let’s begin by putting the milk in the cup and all in the microwave for 2 mins then add to it the chocolate and  mix it  togheter and put it  back in the microwave and wait till it start boiling for finish just let it get a bit colder and add the wip cream and the marshamallow. ENJOY !

Christmas movies

One of my essential  thing to do during the  holidays is to watch christmas movies my favorited are the grinch,All of the home alone and love actually. Let me know about your favorite movies in comments .

Winter beauty tips

To have a flawless skin make sure to moisturize it more than usual, Winter really dries your skin so use a serum and a night cream also get a very nutritious hand cream and one of my perssonal tip is to have candles all around my room it make   the all place smellin super good and it make me happy.

Well let me know about your favorite christmas thing in the comment, I would love to know what’s you guys like to do.

picture credit goes to We heart it


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