London beauty HAUL


Hello everybody, if you follow me on twitter you must know that’s I was in London for the holidays I spend 5 days there and it was literally the best days of my life but I prefer don’t talk to much about it in this post because I want to do a special one about my London trip  but if  there is something I can say right now It’s thats’s a I bought a lot of stuffs so that’s why I am about to do a beauty Haul and a fashion Haul  so  let’s start with the beauty one . I have been searching forever  for some simple products and I never found anyone so when I found them at Boots I just bought some to  try and to see if there as good as people say they are . Do you want to know something ? they are better . They are alcohol free, perfume and soap free , so they are  full of  natural things , and honestly my skin feel all those natural goodness that’s are in every simple products.

IMG_2960During the week I had the time to try the simple products that’s I bought in London and They become essentials in my morning and night routines. First I start by using the Facial wash gel , This gel is really gentle with the skin and deep clean it and it soap free so it’s perfect for sensible skin , Then I use the facial toner and this doesn’t have any smell but it also really refresh the skin and perfectly ton it , It also make sure any make up is gone and leave me a real sensation of fresh clean skin.

IMG_2964Then I usually moisturize, In the morning I use the Light moisturizer because of my oily skin , This really moisturize my skin and doesn’t let it oily at all. At night I prefer use the rich moisturizer as a Night cream , It let my skin perfectly moisturize till the next morning.By the way even if they are not acne products they Dry’s out my pimples and make them look less red and less bigger . In fact simple products are really nice for any  sensible or acne skin.





I also went  at the body shop and bought to body but I also went  at the body shop and bought two body butters the cranberry joy  and  the vanille gourmande one , The body shop Body butter are honestly the best one’s I ever tried, They smell good a kind of a sweet smell in  booth of them , they have touch of vanillia smell in vanille gourmand and touch of cranberry smell  in cranberry smell they all have a very delicate smell and moisturize all the body without letting any greasy effect on the skin.



I hear a lot of girls on youtube and on blogs talking about  carmex lip balm so when I found It I just decided to try it and I was agreeably surprised by the quality of this . It really deep moisturize lips and doesn’t let the cold weather of winter or anything else agrees  the lips and it leave them so kissable



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