Spring Parfums

blog post pictures 044Flowers are full of gorgeous colors , trees are wearing back their pretty green leaves , Birds are   dancing in the sky and us are  smelling like some Spring goddess. Well let’s talk about my favorite spring fragrance or parfums in french . During spring time I love wearing light but supper “Yummy ” Smelling fragrances with touch of flower and kind of sweet sugary senses , so  let’s start talking about my favorites “Smell good savior ” for spring. blog post pictures 050One of my favorite thing to wear during spring and summer times are body spray , I find body spray so refreshing and light, it’s feel like wearing a perfumed mist , well my favorite one is luscious kisses by victoria secret it has got such a sweet odor it make me feel like I am a candy,  literally a  human candy and I love wearing it on very hot day because like I said It’s very refreshing so during hot weather it’s worth it . blog post pictures 055I also love wearing Viva rock by john richmond which I bought when I was in London , I love this perfume because it smell like flower and I love those kind of discrete fragrance  but the flaw of this fragrance is that it does not last all day  when I wear it I have to do some few retouches during the day .

blog post pictures 060The last but not the less is loverdose by diesel , Loverdose is probably one of my favorite fragrance ever  I just love love love and love the sense of it kind of a mix of flowers and candies , I don’t know how to describe it really but I really recommend it to any girl who love those kind of sweet perfume this one is kind of strong and Last a long time so it’s for good a  great  investment .




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