Lana Del Rey steal style


I am finally back on the blog after being away for so long, I am such a bad blogger and I apologize for that but I kind of get a little rebellious and paused the blog for a few monts ( Really sorry ) But I am definitely back and not with any type of  post but with a steal style of The Queen : Lana Del Rey.

First I want to say that’s I am a huge fan of lana she’s the queen of everything: music, Fashion and style. Okey fashion and style are kind of siblings but she’s still the queen . I love the way she wear some vintage clothes and some hipster ones all at the same time and look super amazing , seriously if any body else does that it would look like an old dr pepper or any kind of soft drinks ad made in the sixties with no stylist and photoshoped with some snapchat filter , Seriously it would be more ridiculous or “Futuristic ” than really fashion , but lana can and you will be able  too because of my lana steals style. So let me tell you more about this  post because it’s not like the usual steal style I am used to do in this one I am showing you some best sellers of lana del reys Style .


bad ring


Bad ring from Bossy

Short lana

Denim short from asos

Lana flower crown



Flower crown from one of my favorite accessories brand Funky fish


White chuck taylor from Converse


heart shaped



Heart shaped Sun glasses from Amazon


lana hautblouse lana 

Brit peter pan blouse from eluxe and Stuf collar skirt from Bluefly 


4 responses to “Lana Del Rey steal style

  1. Hie Brunette, i see you’ve been away for a while
    we met last year, and since I made my own website design
    it’s quite work!!! i like yours sweet and nice pale colors

    • Aw , yes I have been away for a while and I am really sorry about this. I am style happy that ou still remember me . Thanks for your adorable comment 🙂

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